About Us


The future


Over the past several years Carmel Construction Services has gained momentum in both residential and commercial construction arena, mainly through referrals and by "word of mouth." 



We were groomed by our parents and siblings to be self motivated and a forward thinkers. At an early age we were introduced to hard work and that a relationship is more important than money. 


Our belief and who we are

 We are Jason and Zachary Richardson, youngest of six boys.  Together we operate Carmel Construction Services

We are life long locals, born in Newport Beach, California. We are proud American countryman, husbands, and fathers. We do not put people in boxes according to their race, sex, religion, neighborhood, or abilities...it is character that counts. Because we represent our families, we abide by the policies, rules and guidelines of the governing agencies set in place by the City/County Departments and Contractors State License Board. We understand that it is a privilege to own a business and represent oneself well to the community it provides service too.

God Bless America!

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart"  (Col. 3:23)


"The heart of your project."